"Getting First Page Placement on Important Keyword Searches"

Express Submit Search Engine Optimization Services

  1. Defining each page's goals within the context of your site's architecture
  2. Optimize one page at a time, with one main keyword phrase and anciliary related keywords per page.

Optimizing the Page

The following factors are important for page optimization:

  • Page Title: 52 characters (Current accepted length since April 2014)
  • Webpage Description: Up to 160 characters
  • Keyword density: 2%-4% for targeted keywords
  • Keyword to be optimized for in Title Meta-tag
  • Keyword in Description Meta-tag as close to start as possible
  • Headings include at least "h1" and "h2" . Don't leave the tags blank
  • Robots.txt file - include
  • Create Sitemap (in xml format) submit to Google Webmasters Tools with pages accepted
  • Reduce html requests to fewer than 20 to increase page load speed.
  • Create text to code ratio >25%
  • Create user friendly URLs
  • Place Google Analytics on the Page
  • Use dashes instead of underscores in all links
  • Fill in all image alt tags
  • Remove all inline CSS
  • Put media print rules in CSS
  • Make sure your Google Preview reads well
  • Remove all depreciated CSS tags
  • Reduce HTML page size - average is 33KB
  • Compress HTML using GZIP
  • Cache pages
  • Removing flash can increase load speed and increase rankings
  • Avoid using nested tables (reduces load time)
  • USe image expire tag
  • Include a Doctype declarationi
  • Avoid using framesets to reduce load time
  • Reduce site loading time (Average is currently 5 seconds)
  • Use "rel=canonical" tags on pages with duplicate content
  • Disable directory browsing (For better security)
  • Disable Libwww-perl access
  • Server signature access off
  • Don't post plaintext emails (to avoid being spammed)
  • Different versions of pages (including IP address, and page URL with or without www) should 301 redirect to one page (use htaccess files and Webmaster tools to make changes)
  • Page is browser safe (no malware or malicious program detected)
  • Site is mobile friendly
  • Page is connected to Social Media
  • Active media attention (Facebook likes, Google Plus Ones, Tweets, Pinterest pins

Backlinks and Citations Campaign

Engagement is replacing backlink formation. Creation and display of unique quality content will inspire browsers to link to your site, which tells the search engines that your site contains interesting, sought after content.

  • We help you to create relevant hypertext backlinks by registering on appropriate directories.
  • If you are a web development company, we encourage you to add a backlink to your company's website on just above the footer of webpages you develop for others. Note: Matt Cutts has criticized this practice; however we believe that websites are a work of art and people have the right to know who created it. Also as a service to browsers, people who see a website they like can go to the footer, click on a link, and go right to the website of the designer. We are raising this as an issue on Google Webmaster Central Google Webmaster's CentralIn the meantime, penalties can be avoided my moving the link just above the footer.
  • We encourage you to request a backlink from satisfied customers, whenever possible. This allows your clientele to tout your services to their friends.
  • When you contract with us we work with an expert to help you create natural citations, guest posting, and other acceptable techniques to increase your website's popularity.
  • We assist you to add content to your website, your blog, and your social marketing sites to help you attract attention from surfers on the web.

Additional SEO Services

Services we offer changes as rapidly as the search engines guidelines. Ancillary services we offer include:
  • Adding Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus Local, Pinterest, and LinkedIn social media buttons to websites.
  • Creating a website blog with an invitation for guest posting and adding content. (This attracts offers for guest posts}.Our services include editing and posting guest posts, and filtering for readable, accurate, and original content
  • Posting original company pictures on the website and on online photo galleries, and featuring them on social network posts.
  • Bookmarking the company's most interesting and original content on reputable bookmarking sites.
  • Creating Html and xml Sitemaps

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Key Word Research

Website Semantic Architecture

Web Site Optimization

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Social Website Submission

Back Link Creation and Enhancement

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