Website Optimization and Search Engine Submission: Local and National


Boruch Fishman
Director- Express Submit

About Express Submit

When I am not helping to companies with their Internet advertising, I love working on my favorite pastime, helping to restore sacrifice on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. My love for that local place helps to explain my romance with localism and my enjoyment in working with Google Places. Both pursuits call for a heuristic approach that devolves from an assumption that a given locale is the solution to the problem.

I learned how to submit companies to the local business listings while working for a large media company in Jerusalem. I helped that company develop a technique for submission which allowed them to offer customers a money back guarantee. My technique was turned into a computer program which put 60% of customers on the first page of the Google results. Google Submission has changed, and flashy tricks have been replaced by hard, consistent work using the standards of the day to promote companies on the web.

Use of the Internet has grown tremendously in the last six years, but I still manage to get all my steady customers onto page one of the search engines on important searches. In today's SEO there's no easy trick yoiu can use to advance a company's ranking on the search engines. With a childhood IQ of 203+ and an English