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Google + Local and Google Places

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The gradual shift from Google Places to Google Plus Local Continues!


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What is the Google Places and Google + Local?

Page One Google Search Results for a local search

There are multiple data bases that appear on any Google Search:
    1. Google Places listings, which begins with the third listing in this photo, appears when people make a "local search" on Google, i.e. they search for a product or service that can be found in a given neighborhood or location. The first 1-7 or more items of this list frequently appear on page 1 of the Google search results. To the side of the listing a map appears displaying the location of each company on the list, with a red tear-drop shaped arrow corresponding to arrow to the right of each business in the list. (Note: the listing displays the company's address, and phone number!) Generally, companies that appear on the first page of Google Places are considered by Google to have trustworthy phone and location information, based on Google's examination of their website, their Google Places application, and various other URL sites on the web. The consistency of a businesses' listing information across the web more than the quantity of its listings determines whether it will appear on page one.
    2. Google + Local listings appear when you click on "Google+ page" or "(# of)Google Reviews" under the Google Places listing. This display format is replacing Google Places and adds a new review system based on the Zagat restaurant review protocol, new social features including "Share," "Circles," "Author and Publisher attribution," and "Hangouts."
    3. The "organic listing," database appears in this photo as the first two listings in the center. In other instances they may appear above, below, or in the middle of the Google Place listings; however, they will not have an arrow and an address and phone number next to their listing. (Note: that these listings do not display an address and or phone number with each listing, unless it is included in by the owner in the text chosen by Google to accompany the listing. Companies that appear on page one of this listing usually have well optimized websites with back links from many URL locations on the web. Ranking of these listings is not based on the trustworthiness of location information, but rather how the place information is presented to the public.
    4. Google also displays "paid, pay for click listings," or "sponsored links," but they do not appear in this photograph.
    5. Surfers can click on links to see more local information. They can click on the "Maps" link at the top of the page, which opens up a more antiquated and in some cases more complete but less precise listing of local businesses and services, or they can click on the "Places" link in the left side bar and open up subsequent pages of Google Place results.
    6. What is the Value of a First Page Listing on Google Places?

      • Online searches are where it's at:  More and more people are turning to online as opposed to print directory searches (Kelsey Group).
      • Searches for local products and services represent 25% of all Search Engine searches!
      • The Search Engines are 3 times as popular as Internet Yellow pages among users.
      • A high ranking on the Google Places Business Directory provides more customer response than a similar listing on the organic search (TMPDM Local Search Usage Study) 39 % of users finding a company on a local search end up calling the company on the phone; 32% end up contacting he company in person!

      The Result: A small store on a remote side street can build up more traffic with a high Google Ranking, than it could on a busy corner location!

      Express Submit Local Search and Organic Search Services

      1. Keyword Research - (We help you select the best short tailed keywords and long tailed keywords)
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      3. Website Optimization - (We optimize your site by proper keyword inclusion, metatags, user friendly site architecture, and content.)
      4. Website Design and Development - (We create user friendly sites that are pre-optimized)
      5. Local Service Area Page Creation - (We using cutting edge ideas for service area page creation)
      6. Social Network Setup - (We set up Twitter, Facebook, Blogger Websites, LinkedIn, Flickr, Youtube, and more.)
      7. You Tube promotional video creation
      8. Panda and Google Algorithm Friendly Online Marketing
      9. Bad Link Disavowing with Webmaster Tools

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